Consolidating europe’s ai strategy

By Pilar DEL CASTILLO, MEP (EPP Group), Member of the ITRE Committee, Chair of the European Internet Forum

Looking at the increased amount of events and articles that have seen the light in the last months, Artificial Intelligence can be considered the latest hot digital topic.

To the extent that Big data, IoT, 5G, and now Artificial Intelligence seem to be at the top of the every public Institution agenda.

Nevertheless while I believe that research and institutional awareness has been undertaken for some time, the truth is that today AI has become an area of strategic importance and a key driver of economic development.

Indeed, Artificial Intelligence is not an entirely new concept, however due to the current massive sets of digital data around people and systems, together with today’s sophistication of processors, its potential to affect all sectors of the economy and society has never been bigger.

Its impact will be such that, as the rest of digital technologies, it