The Publication

The European Files includes editorial contributions both from public institutions and the private sector. We publish four issues a year, and cover a variety of subjects at a European level. Most issues are realized in collaboration with the European Commission.

Each issue deals with current European policies, and is a real working tool for European MEPs, Administrators, Head of Cabinets and Commissioners. For contributors from the private sector it is a great opportunity to appear alongside top European decision-makers and present your approach or solutions on the given subject.

The distribution

The European Files is published in English, in hard copy as well as a PDF version. We publish around 5000 hard copies, partly distributed throughout the European Institutions and the European governments. We deliver a hard copy to all MEPs and DG’s. The publication also has an important digital presence, via its website and social media. Over the past couple of years, the website attracts around 500 visits a week. When a new issue is published online, then this number goes up to 800 visits a week.​

Furthermore, the magazine is distributed to different participating industries, who in turn distribute many copies according to their needs.

Each issue of The European Files is financed by the private sector. It is possible to order an issue on a specific subject and invite other industrials to participate. For more information, please contact us.

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Laurent Ulmann, Director of Publication and Editor-in-chief

Following his studies in International Relations at the Sorbonne and the University Paris VII, Laurent became a parliamentary collaborator at the French National Assembly and worked on media issues. In 2001, he founded The European Files, a political, economical and social publication destined to European institutions and governments. The magazine regroups contributions from the industry, parliamentarians and members of the executive bodies of the EU. Laurent’s extensive experience has allowed him to develop a solid network within the European Commission and Parliament. The European Files is now a reference within European Institutions, political sectors and various industries.

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